Veronica LaVery

(birth name: Veronika Poloprutska) was born in 1991 in the Czech Republic to a Slovakian mother and a Polish/Irish father. She grew up in a small northern town called Vrchlabí, known as the Gate to the Giant Mountains (Krkonose) of the Czech Republic. While in Vrchlabí, Veronika attended both an art and dance school along with acting classes where she was trained to play musical instruments, sing, craft, act and dance. She was also a singer in a punk-rock band named Driak, where she was the only female, and only 15yo(!). She has done various stage plays, band and dance performances and wasn’t shy about being seen and heard by masses. These creative years in such a young age gave Veronika a solid base for her future (completely unplanned) career in the entertainment industry.

In February 2008, after 17 years of living in the Czech Republic, Veronika moved to Sacramento, California. Without knowing anybody or anything about living outside Europe, Veronika had to adjust herself to a brand new lifestyle, culture, and language. In June 2009, Veronika graduated from the Foothill High School, Sacramento and enrolled in college to study Cultural Anthropology and Business. It was during this time that she got an opportunity to model. Modeling allowed Veronika to use her prior knowledge of acting and dancing to express herself in a whole new way which she quickly fell in love with. in 2011, Veronika moved to Southern California to pursue her modeling career, however; she’s always felt like modeling is really just a start of getting her self back to where she used to be in the Czech Republic, and that is- in front of a mass audience and back on stage.

Veronika has been a vegetarian since 14yo, and continues to follow mostly a vegan/ plant-based diet without trying to convince anybody else to do the same as many vegans do. She believes that everybody’s body is a unique system and should be nutritied differently. Your body will tell you what it wants and needs, and as long as it’s a reasonable request that doesn’t turn you into an obese & unhealthy individual, you should listen to it. She has a sweet tooth & loves to try out new cuisines and extraordinary combinations. This health nut loves yoga, pilates and over all staying in shape as well as developing her mind & spirit. Her current goal is to become a Pilates Instructor and open up her own Pilates studio in the future.

Besides her entertainment ventures; Veronika is also a California licensed Skin Therapist; while being certified in doing eyelash extensions with Xtreme lashes. She obtained her B.A. degree at the California State University Los Angeles in Film, TV & Media Studies with the vision of creating projects of her own. Veronika enjoys working with children and loves to be surrounded by their creative minds. She’s worked as a Substitute Teacher for the Czech Consulate in Los Angeles, where Czech speaking children and their parents were able to brush of their language skills and bring some Czech culture into their Americanized way of life.

Veronika has her ‘teenage dream‘ dog named Timmy (he has his own Instagram account, but don’t tell him) and she can’t wait to share her journey with YOU as it’s barely just starting… 🙂


Veronika also has a younger sister Natalia who is a musically obsessed individual (in a good way) & you may know her as Dj Czechmate  💜



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