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Patreon Galleries

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And the time has arrived! Upon hearing a bunch of positive reviews and beneficial experiences with Patreon.com I decided to give it a chance on my own as well. Still little uncertain on how it all works and not super familiar with all their settings, I’ve managed to add a few pretty nice Playboy style…

Philly/B’more/DC trip

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I’m back in California from my little East Coast tour where I got to visit Philadelphia, Baltimore and even made a couple trips to Washington, DC. Even though it’s hard to be a tourist while working, especially when my daily schedule consisted of multiple shoots and/or workshops, I still made time to see at least…


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I decided to put my autographed prints up on eBay for you guys to order. I’ve had many bad experiences where a kind fan mails turned into someone else’s personal business and my good deed of signing stuff for them for free ended up just one of the many pieces of profit online. So I made my own…

Rainbow Magic Trick

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Some people wait for the perfect rainbow light, others crate their own 🙂 Look how Manny1983 Photography brought up some little tricks to our recent shoot! Although we were both sweating like animals shooting outside in this heat wave (40+°C!!!) while our dogs were snooping around and didn’t want us to do any full body shots :D, we still…

Why to attend photo Groupshoot events?

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I don’t post about all the shoots I do but when I do it is because it’s either something different or something that I really liked 🙂 These shots by Jim Donnelly (Happy Trigger LA) are an example of the second case for sure. Believe it or not, we took them at a groupshoot occasion in…

laVery Safe Fire Hazard

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Creating a fire hazard in my old hood with Miloe (Emilioooooo!) has never looked more dangerously interesting 😀 As you can see, smoke bombs became out ‘Go-To’ item when shooting new stuff. Not only because Miloe wants to obviously use me as a guinea pig (once again) to ‘perfect’ his creative idea, but also because not too far…

Smokin’ Downtown LA

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Miloe has been a great friend of mine for years now so it’s always fun to go outside our comfort zone and try out something new, risky smoke bomb included! Let me shine some smoking light on the settings of our shot. First, given our location and hour of the day of shooting, it was already a challenge…


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Our little collab with Kaloopy . track: “Show Me” …enjoy 🙂

Malibu beach

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Here are some unedited snaps from our beach shoot in Malibu, CA. I had NO makeup on, which is rare during my shoots since I’m SO used to the ‘glammed up’ eyes and lipsticks. Craving something different? Well, there you go 😉 enjoy! Images below were taken by James Brantley. always with my sunbrella 🙂 after whipping…

VLV Gallery Updates

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The NEWS section on here is not the only place that’s being constantly updated ( with breaks, of course, I’m no blogger :D), Czech out some new pictures with my current look below but don’t forget to see the Art section where I also added some new pieces from YOU 🙂 Also, keep an eye…