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Smokin’ Downtown LA

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Miloe has been a great friend of mine for years now so it’s always fun to go outside our comfort zone and try out something new, risky smoke bomb included! Let me shine some smoking light on the settings of our shot. First, given our location and hour of the day of shooting, it was already a challenge…


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Our little collab with Kaloopy . track: “Show Me” …enjoy 🙂

Malibu beach

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Here are some unedited snaps from our beach shoot in Malibu, CA. I had NO makeup on, which is rare during my shoots since I’m SO used to the ‘glammed up’ eyes and lipsticks. Craving something different? Well, there you go 😉 enjoy! Images below were taken by James Brantley. always with my sunbrella 🙂 after whipping…

VLV Gallery Updates

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The NEWS section on here is not the only place that’s being constantly updated ( with breaks, of course, I’m no blogger :D), Czech out some new pictures with my current look below but don’t forget to see the Art section where I also added some new pieces from YOU 🙂 Also, keep an eye…

Dark hair is baaaaack!

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Who would have known that it will only take me about 5 months to feel completely disgusted by the blond shade on my head? During the early stage of having my hair balayage blond I told to myself that I could last a year with it and just let it slowly grow out. I was…

Dog Training

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When going through my old Instagram posts, I stumbled upon videos that really made me laugh. Even though it may seem like a bit ‘recycled’ post, I couldn’t resist to share these ones with you again. That day up in Nor Cal I was shooting with a dog training suit (pants & jacket) which they use…

‘Speak’ student short film

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As a film student, producing a student film has been nothing new, however; every location, every story, every crew make it always like a brand new experience. This time we were able to film thanks to Megan (our class director 🙂 ) at the Crystal Cove, CA. And I couldn’t be happier about bringing my…

Golden Eagle Film Festival Award (CSULA)

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What a fun night at our campus last night (May 13th 2017). the 20th Golden Eagle Film Festival awarded me with their First Place for Documentary 🙂 Very pleasing, considering the fact that my competition had a very high level of production while mine was done SO quickly just as a homework class assignment. There is…


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Skin Therapist, Skin Specialist, Skin Care Enthusiast, Beauty Lover, Skin Care Specialist, Lashista, or just a plain old Esthetician 🙂 All these terms can be easily used when describing the license I just received for working as an Esthetician here in California. I started my Skin Care program at the KC Beauty Academy, Los Angeles…

Scott Rohlf’s NEW paintings of me

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Look at these awesome pieces! The talented San Diego based artist Scott Rohlf has a fabulous line of work. These paintings look truly fantastic and I can not be more excited about sharing them with you! No, I take that back, I’ll be more excited when I receive them in the mail and hang them at my place 😀 You…