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Scott Rohlf’s NEW paintings of me

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Look at these awesome pieces! The talented San Diego based artist Scott Rohlf has a fabulous line of work. These paintings look truly fantastic and I can not be more excited about sharing them with you! No, I take that back, I’ll be more excited when I receive them in the mail and hang them at my place 😀 You…

HitchHiker Massacre Movie

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Wanted to share one of the horror movies I’ve done.. This is a trailer for Hitchhiker Massacre Directed by James L. Bills. Produced by J. Horton; starring Ely LaMay, Calista Carradine, John Barrymore, ME (as a bratty Allison) & more! Special effects were done by the talented Robert Bravo. The 80s look was what James was going…

Veronika as ‘Selena’ (TV studio recording)

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Another ‘piece of art’ (lol) that came out of one of my TV recording classes. This was a video one of my classmates did and needed a female ‘singer’, well here ya go 🙂 Again, we’re talking about a live shooting with 3 cameras, studio set up, and no TelePrompTer just fyi 😀

‘Music Video’ (TV Studio Class)

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One of our TV studio assignments. “Pick a song, and direct a music video out of it in a 3 camera TV studio set up, recording it live only.” .. nobody else had ‘puppets’, which makes me happy. The song is very addictive just fyi. Enjoy 😀

Student Short Film

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As a film student, producing a student film has been nothing new, however; every location, every story, every crew make it always like a brand new experience. This time we were able to film thanks to Megan (our class director 🙂 ) at the Crystal Cove, CA. And I couldn’t be happier about bringing my…

Czech language classes in LA

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Not many people may know that I’ve had the pleasure to spread the love for my native tongue with children here in Los Angeles. The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles conducts weekly meetings for kids of any age (mostly 3-12yo) specializing in ‘dusting off’ the Czech language skills as well as introducing them to new words,…

Burns from Hell

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  Sneak peek from our past shoot for Blaze ‘s new feature film poster. How funny that some people truly thought I got seriously hurt; that’s a good sign of a successful special effects makeup 🙂 I think the clean up is wayyy worse than actually putting these nasties on, good thing I didn’t have to stop for gas…

Timmy is a brat!

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Ok, the title says it all but before throwing out there my dissapoinments in certain areas of Timmy‘s persona ( which there is not many but I just like to complain :D), I better start with the positives; and that is mainly that Timmy is really one of the best dogs I ever even met,…

Documentary class assignment

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One of my required courses at CSULA is a Documentary Field Production; this was the first time I did anything like this. Michael Foulkrod was nice enough to let me film him, we worked together numerous times and I tried to put our paintings/drawings in the video, let’s see how many you can spot there…

Timmy’s Holistic Diet

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Timmy’ s Weekly Food Preparation: Timmy has been on a holistic diet since the 2017 started. I eliminated all the ‘junk’ dog food (except little treats here & there such as chicken jerky), and replaced it with food that every dog dreams about :D. Timmy also still has his dry food in the bowl throughout the day so…